About Shannon

Shannon Stevens
Shannon and her dog, Molly
Shannon began her journey in alternative health care 15 years ago through the need to heal herself. Unsatisfied with the care given her in conventional western medicine offices, she tried acupuncture and was immediately enthused. Devotion to the Traditional Chinese Medical system given her in one of the country’s leading clinics not only put her on the road to health, but offered an insight into an alternative view of what it means to be healthy.

Fueled by the life altering results in her own experience with Chinese Medicine, Shannon earned her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2012. Further driven by her passion for alternatives to mainstream western medicine, she has furthered her education by additionally completing a year long apprenticeship in sports medicine acupuncture in 2014.

When working with patients, Shannon’s approach is rooted in her personal experience and driven by compassion for the unique condition in every individual.